surf psychos must die

Yeah, i run (he runs) from having fun and i’m done (he’s done) with all the rum
i cut your heros to the ground
yeah, i cry (but why) do you crucify the ones who don’t fit in your lie
why do surf psychos have to die?
Cause on one of their journeys near Tortuga Beach, it was an extreme place
and really out of reach they found the little plug which can destroy the earth
and they’re gonna pull it, at least that’s what i heard
So i jump (he jumps) down in the sea and i look (he looks) yes finally
where is this plug - i need to see
There has to be a balance between who lives and dies that’s what Aarghwald told us
he eats people with fries - we just wanna clean up your world from human scum
so please tell me why do surf psychos have to run?
Please tell me why SURF PSYCHOS MUST DIE!
can’t understand why SURF PSYCHOS MUST DIE!
They tell so many stories about those psycho guys they know the solution
they never tell you lies
that plug will save us all so please now tell me why all humans keep on screaming those

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