it's been a while

Well, hello! It's been a while since i last saw your phat ass 'round here! How you been doin'?

I've been away, too! Got around here and there, you know, went to places where internet hasn't been invented yet, haunted the thing from the swamp, danced around a voodoo camp-fire, went to a interstellar drinking binge, fought against man-apes from foreign earthlike planets, spent all my money in Tortuga, pillaged a village to get my money back, loved women, actually half-women, with a fishtail (that's not simple at all, i can tell you!) - all of which with 3D-goggles on!

Fortunately the Facebook-Account is always up to date, somehow somebody post stuff in there, but i'm sure it's neither the band nor am i. (Or am i? I should stop taking all those alien drinks they give me in Tortuga, seriously.)

So, anyway, here i am again, with a brand new opportunity to set a stage on fire:
On the 6th of November Hellfish will be destroying the pmk-Stage in Innsbruck once again, this time with those crazy Arrows of Love from Londinium! 
Be there or stay at home! Alone, with a smooth ScotchWhisky in your hand in front of a friendly chimney-fire and a half naked miss who is there only to follow your orders. Or, alternatively, you could transfer this setup to the gig, so we can all have our fun. Come on, don't be selfish for once! Man, i hate you.

Well, here you go with a classic from the Hellfish-Vault, to fill your time with sweet melodies until the next post comes up (Probably in 2 neptune-years or so...)!

See you next time.

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